View from the White Rocks. Taken by Harold Jerrell.

Thomas Walker High School is one of two high schools in Lee County, Virginia. It is located one mile east of the town of Ewing, and three miles west of the town of Rose Hill. Thomas Walker is located in the heart of the farming country and is located in the western most part of Lee County. Our school district borders Claiborne and Hancock Counties in Tennessee as well as Bell and Harlan Counties in Kentucky, thus making us the first high school in the state of Virginia traveling from West to East. View directions.

Thomas Walker High School currently serves students in grades eight through twelve. It receives students primarily from three feeder schools, Rose Hill Elementary, Ewing Elementary and Elydale Elementary. A small percentage of students transfer each year from Jonesville Middle School. These students transfer at both the eighth and ninth grade levels. Thomas Walker High School was built in 1940. It was built to combine Rose Hill High School and Ewing High School. The high school was remodeled and enlarged in 1959. The last addition was added to Thomas Walker High School in 1971. The Rose Hill District is made up of two towns, Rose Hill and Ewing. Most of our parents are blue collar workers, with many who work in the farming community and in factories, a small percentage are employed in the mining industry and a small percentage are professional position employees. According to LENOWISCO, sixty-three percent of our families live below the poverty level, with 58% of our students receiving free or reduced priced breakfast and lunch.